When an app is used, such problems may occur: slow app launch, Application Not Responding (ANR), app crash, and network loading failure. These are the major issues that affect user experience.

To meet increasing demands of diagnosing performance problems, more and more app performance monitoring services have emerged in the market. HUAWEI AppGallery Connect provides full-process quality services in app development, testing, release, and analysis.

1. HUAWEI AppGallery Connect APM

App Performance Management (APM) is one of the quality services provided by AppGallery Connect. This service can monitor app performance at the minute level, and is totally free of charge. It does its job by:

Sandbox testing allows you to complete end-to-end testing without real payments when you integrate HUAWEI IAP for joint commissioning.

Step 1: Add a test account.

You can add a test account in AppGallery Connect. The test account must be a real HUAWEI ID. An added test account takes effect after 30 minutes to 1 hour.

1. Sign in to AppGallery Connect and click Users and permissions.

After a quick app is developed and packaged into an .rpk file, how do I run the file to test the quick app?

1. Downloading Huawei Quick App Loader

You need to use Quick App Loader to start and run a quick app. Download the installation package of Quick App Loader from Installing the Development Tool.

When I integrate the HMS Core SDK into my app or game, result code 6003 is always returned during an API call. The official document indicates that this fault is caused by an incorrect signing certificate fingerprint. A signing certificate fingerprint is used to verify the app authenticity.

To locate the fault, perform the following operations:

  • Ensure that the appid parameter in the manifest file is correct.
  • Check whether the app is hardened or re-signed.
  • Check whether HUAWEI App Signing is enabled.

Step 1: Ensure…

AR placement apps have enhanced daily life in a myriad of different ways, from AR furniture placement for home furnishing and interior decorating, AR fitting in retail, to AR-based 3D models in education which gives students an opportunity to take an in-depth look at the internal workings of objects.

From integrating HUAWEI Scene Kit, you’re only eight steps away from launching an AR placement app of your own. …

According to the introduction of Cocos Creator from its official website, Cocos Creator 2.4.1 and later versions support HUAWEI AppGallery Connect and have been providing multiple AppGallery Connect services. The following figure shows all supported AppGallery Connect services.


There are so many online games these days that are addictive, easy to play, and suitable for a wide age range. I’ve long dreamed of creating a hit game of my own, but doing so is harder than it seems. I was researching on the Internet, and was fortunate to learn about HUAWEI ML Kit’s face detection and hand keypoint detection capabilities, which make games much more engaging.

Application Scenarios

ML Kit’s face detection capability detects up to 855 keypoints of the face, and returns the coordinates for the face contours, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, as well as angles. …

By Chen Jinliang

Cocos Creator has supported HMS Core and HUAWEI AppGallery Connect, through which you can quickly release your games with one click, reducing such complex operations as the SDK integration and app upload during development. In this way, you can build high-quality and innovative apps to improve game experience.

Based on this guide, you can learn how to send messages by Push Kit in Cocos step by step.

Procedure Overview

1. Create a game on the Cocos website, and create the game project in Cocos Creator.

2. Create an app and configure the app information in AppGallery Connect…

You can use the quick app web component to quickly package an HTML5 game into a quick game. As long as the URL of the original HTML5 game remains unchanged, the quick app does not need to be upgraded, which reduces the maintenance workload.

You can package a quick game in the Quick App IDE in just 7 steps.

1. Download the Quick App IDE from Installing the Development Tool and install it on your PC.

2. Go to File > New Project > New QuickApp Project and create a project. Choose HTML5 Game in Template.


In the previous post, we looked at how to use HUAWEI ML Kit’s skeleton detection capability to detect points such as the head, neck, shoulders, knees and ankles. But as well as skeleton detection, ML Kit also provides a hand keypoint detection capability, which can locate 21 hand keypoints, such as fingertips, joints, and wrists.

Application Scenarios

Hand keypoint detection is useful in a huge range of situations. For example, short video apps can generate some cute and funny special effects based on hand keypoints, to add more fun to short videos.


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